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Phraseanet 3.8.5 new release available !

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Hello, Phraseanet 3.8.5 is now available !

Here is the changelog for this minor release :

BugFix : Fix Flickr connexion through Bridge Application
BugFix : Fix broken Report Application
BugFix : Fix “force authentication” option for push validation
BugFix : Fix display of “edit” button for a validation according to user rights
BugFix : Fix highlight of record title in detailed view
BugFix : Fix thumbnail generation for PDF with transparency
BugFix : Fix reorder of stories & basket when record titles are too long
BugFix : Fix display of separators for multivalued fields in caption
Enhancement : Add the possibility to choose a document or a video as a representative image of a story
Enhancement : Titles are truncated but still visible by hovering them

You can download it here.

Phraseanet 3.8.4 is now available !

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


The new release of Phraseanet is available as of today ! Here’s the complete changelog where you can find details about bugfixes and enhancements in this version.

– Fix database mapping in report

– Add option to restrict Push visualization to Phraseanet users only

– Add API webhook

– Add CORS support for API

– Fix homepage feed url

– Fix CSV user import

– Set password fields as password input

– Add extra information in user list popup in Push view

– Fix status icon filename

– Fix highlight in caption display

– Fix bound in caption display

– Fix thumbnail display in feed view

– Fix thesaurus terms order

– Fix metadata filename attibute

– Fix https calls to googlechart API

– Fix API feed pagination

– Drop sphinx search engine highlight support

– Fix thumbnail etags generation

– Force the use of latest IE engine

– Fix therausus search in workzone

– Fix context menu in main bar in account view

– Notify user checkbox is now setted to false when publishing a new publication

– Add feed restriction when requesting aggregated feed in API

– Add feed title property in feed entry JSON schema

– Fix CSV download for filename with accent

– Fix CSV generation from report

– Dashboard report is now lazy loaded

– Fix old password migration

– Fix migration from 3.1 version

– Fix status calculation from XML indexation card for stories

– Fix homepage issue when a feed is deleted

– Add /me route in API

– Add h264 pseudo stream configuration

– Update flowplayer version

– Improve XsendFile command line tools

– Remove disk IO on media_subdef::get_size function

– Fix Phraseanet Bridge connexion to dailymotion

– User city is now setted through geonames server

– Fix unoconv and GPAC detection on debian system

– Fix oauth developer application form submission

– Add session idle & life time in configuration

– Add possibility to search “unknown” type document through API

– Fix anamorphosis problems for some videos

– Enhancement of Oauth2 integration

Don’t forget to visit our Download page !

Phraseanet 3.8.3 new release now available

Monday, February 24th, 2014


Our new update of Phraseanet is now available and can be downloaded for free from our website:

Check out the complete changelog below to take a look at the bugfixes and enhancements !

– BugFix : Fix scheduler timeout.
– BugFix : Fix thesaurus tab javascript errors.
– BugFix : Fix IE slow script error messages.
– BugFix : Fix basket records sorting.
– BugFix : Fix admin field editing on a field delete.
– BugFix : Fix HTTP 400 on email test.
– BugFix : Fix records export names.
– BugFix : Fix collection rights injection on create.
– BugFix : Fix disconnection of removed users.
– BugFix : Fix language selection on mobile devices.
– BugFix : Fix collection and databox popups in admin views.
– BugFix : Fix suggested values editing on Firefox.
– BugFix : Fix lightbox that could not be load in case some validation have been removed.
– BugFix : Fix user settings precedence.
– BugFix : Fix user search by last applied template.
– BugFix : Fix thesaurus highlight.
– BugFix : Fix collection sorting.
– BugFix : Fix FTP test messages.
– BugFix : Fix video width and height extraction.
– BugFix : Fix caption sanitization.
– BugFix : Fix report locales.
– BugFix : Fix FTP receiver email reception.
– BugFix : Fix user registration management display.
– BugFix : Fix report icons.
– BugFix : Fix report pagination.
– BugFix : Fix Phrasea SearchEngine cache duration.
– BugFix : Fix basket caption display.
– BugFix : Fix collection mount.
– BugFix : Fix password grant authorization in API.
– BugFix : Fix video display on mobile devices.
– BugFix : Fix record mover task.
– BugFix : Fix bug on edit presets load.
– BugFix : Fix detailed view access by guests users.
– Enhancement : Add datepicker input placeholder.
– Enhancement : Add support for portrait videos.
– Enhancement : Display terms of use in a new window.
– Enhancement : Increase tasks memory limit.
– Enhancement : Add an option to reset advanced search on production reload.
– Enhancement : Update task manager log messages.
– Enhancement : Update to Symfony 2.3.9.
– Enhancement : Add plugins:list command.
– Enhancement : Images and Videos are not interpolated anymore.
– Enhancement : Add option to disable filesystem logs.
– Enhancement : Add compatibility with PHP 5.6.

Phraseanet Webinars in March

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


A new webinar will take place in English on March 18, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Paris, Berlin).

You may now register online !

Tuesday, March 18 session

Have a nice week

The Phraseanet team

Release of Phraseanet 3.8.2

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Good evening,

Phraseanet 3.8.2 has been released and can be downloaded here:

This version comes quickly and fixes a bug that could prevent loading administration module of Phraseanet.

Have a nice week-end,

The Phraseanet team

Release of Phraseanet 3.8.1

Friday, November 15th, 2013


A new version of Phraseanet has been released today ! Here is the complete changelog below to view the several bugfixes and enhancements included in Phraseanet 3.8.1.

We remind you that you can download it from our official website :

– BugFix : IE 6 homepage error message is broken.
– BugFix : Databox fields administration is broken on firefox.
– BugFix : Report CSS is broken.
– BugFix : Databox fields administration has some behavior bugs.
– BugFix : Install data-path is not saved.
– BugFix : Third-party applications are displayed disabled when enabled and vice-versa.
– BugFix : Increase tasks default memory limit.
– BugFix : Oauth2 password grant_type authentication is broken.
– BugFix : CSS issues on mobile devices.
– BugFix : Editing records from multiple databoxes triggers a fatal error.
– BugFix : API search query is discarded with GET method.
– BugFix : Wrong offset for Classic query result.
– BugFix : API does not return SearchEngine suggestions correctly.
– BugFix : SearchEngine collection filter does not work in Classic.
– BugFix : Unable to start scheduler on Windows platform.
– BugFix : Image resize is broken on mobile devices in landscape mode.
– BugFix : Text input color is not correctly rendered on old IEs.
– BugFix : IE11 is not recognize as HTML5 compatible.
– BugFix : Disallow push when records can not be pushed.
– BugFix : Upgrade data command fails.
– BugFix : Export by mail fails.
– BugFix : ACL cache issue.
– BugFix : Registration collection auto-selection is broken.
– BugFix : Allow thesaurus browsing to non-thesaurus-admins.
– BugFix : Datepickers displays incorrectly on firefox.
– BugFix : Bridge playlists loading fails.
– BugFix : Editing modal box is broken on IE7.
– BugFix : A user can remove himself from the admin panel.
– BugFix : Basket export fails.
– BugFix : Allow stemmed search only if stemming is enabled.
– BugFix : Reset date sort to the correct value on advanced-search reset.
– BugFix : Disable SQL logging when in non-dev environment.
– BugFix : Task-Manager scheduler randomly stops.
– BugFix : Increase usr_login size, display error if login is longer than possible.
– Enhancement : Allow default user settings customisation.
– Enhancement : Propose rights reset prior apply template.
– Enhancement : Enhance CSS selector for IE performance.
– Enhancement : Sanitize caption XML values.
– Enhancement : Add checkbox on feed creation to disable email notifications.
– Enhancement : Add Bootstrap Carousel & Galleria to homepage presentation mode.
– Enhancement : Push or feedback names are now mandatory.
– Enhancement : Add Phraseanet twig namespace.
– Enhancement : Allow video bitrate up to 12M.

Release of Phraseanet 3.8

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Paris, September 26th 2013


Alchemy announces today the release of Phraseanet 3.8 !

This new major release provides a quicker access to all documents and interfaces, Phraseanet Report in particular.

Here’s a quick view of the new features…

*We’ve added support for plugins

*Login and Sign Up

Use your Google+, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or GitHub account to sign up.

*Search engines

-This version adds support for stemming in the Phrasea Search Engine. So when you enter the term “poppy”, documents indexed in the database with the term “poppies” will also be displayed in the results.

-Integration of the Sphinx Search Engine is now stable

*Email notifications

-They are now being sent in HTML

Customize templates and prefixes for the emails’ subjects.

-TLS authentication support has been added when connecting to a mail server

*Baskets in Phraseanet Production

Delete a basket directly from the WorkZone


-The interface has been redesigned

-The settings interface for the documentary fields has been rewritten. You can reorder the fields and translate the names of the documentary fields. It is also possible to translate the names of the collections, the databases and the status bits.


A new template of report on the documents sent by email has been added

*Possibility to script the Phraseanet setup

To download this new release, please visit our official website:

Here’s a PDF document with the new features that you can print if necessary.

Free trial: Request your access to the online demo! Send us an email to:

We hope that this new release will bring you useful features, feel free to give your feedback!

Best regards,

The Phraseanet Team

Releasing Phraseanet 3.7.14

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013


We’re glad to announce today the release of Phraseanet 3.7.14.

Here is the changelog for this update :

– BugFix : Multi layered images are not rendered properly.

– BugFix : Status editing can be accessed on some records by users that are not granted.

– BugFix : Records index is not updated after using command fields:rename

– Enhancement : Add support for grayscale colorspace image.

Download it from our official website:

Release of Phraseanet 3.7.13

Thursday, July 4th, 2013


We’re announcing today the release of Phraseanet 3.7.13. Here is the changelog for this minor version.

– Some users were able to access story creation form whereas they were not allowed to.
– Disable detailed view keyboard shortcuts when export modal is open.
– Update to PHP-FFMpeg 0.2.4, better support for video resizing.
– BugFix : Unable to reject a thesaurus term from thesaurus module.

We remind you that Phraseanet can be downloaded from our official website:

New: SDK PHP for Phraseanet now available

Monday, June 10th, 2013

We’re announcing today the release of the SDK PHP 0.3.0 for Phraseanet which is now available :

The Phraseanet SDK is a development kit written in PHP. It gathers the tools allowing developers to create third party applications for Phraseanet.

To view the changelog, please go to:

-The Phraseanet team