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Phraseanet 4.0.8 release

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Phraseanet 4.0.8 is stable and available for download !

Here’s the changelog for this release:

New features and Improvements:
-Upload: Distant files can be added via their URL in GUI and by API. Phraseanet downloads the file before archiving it.
-Search optimisation when searching in full text, there was a problem when the query mixed different types of fields.
-Search optimisation, it’s now possible to search a partial date in full text.
-Populate optimisation, now populating time: 3 times faster.
-It is now possible to migrate from 3.1 3.0 version to 4.X, without an intermediate step in 3.8.

-Search filter were not taken into account due to a bug in JS.
-Overlay title: In this field, text was repeated twice if : one or several words were highlighted in the field, and if the title contained more than 102 characters.
-List Manager: it was impossible to add users in the list manager after page 3.
-List of fields was not refreshed in the exported fields section.
-Push and Feedback fix error when adding a user when Geonames was not set (null value in Geonames).

Release of version 4.0.7

Monday, March 11th, 2019

A new version of Phraseanet has been released !

Download it here on our official website.

We remind you that the previous releases are still available and can be downloaded for free from this page.

Here’s the changelog for this 4.0.7 version:

Advanced search refacto
-Thesaurus search is now in strict mode
-Refactoring of report module
-Refactoring query storage and changing strategy for field search restriction
-It is now possible to search for terms in thesaurus and candidates in all languages, not only on the login language
-Enhancements on archive task
-Graphic enhancements for menu and icons
-Video file enhancement, support of MXF container
-Extraction of a video soundtrack (MP3, MP4, WAVE, etc.)
-For Office Documents, all generated subviews will be PDF assets by default. The flexpaper preview still exists but will be optional.
-In Prod Gui, there will be 5 facets but the possibility to view more.
-Quarantine: Fix for the “Substitute” action: alert when selection is empty
-Quarantine: File name with a special character can’t be added
-Fix for the Adobe CC default token
-XSS vulnerabilities in Prod, Admin & Lightbox. Many thanks to Kris (@HV_hat_)
-PDF containing (XMP-xmp:PageImage) fails generating subview
-MIME types are trucated
-Vagrant dev environment fix
-Feedback: Sort assets “Order by best choice” has no effect

Among the new features of Phraseanet 4.0.3

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Phraseanet 4.0.3 is currently available for download. Here are a few major features:

  • Artificial intelligence: Phraseanet 4.0.3 allows assisted batch indexing by submitting media files to AI search engines: auto keywording, facial recognition of celebrities. Also, you will be able to find your documents using the colors in the facets (AI plugin).
  • The 4.x releases are compliant with the Phraseanet plugins for the Adobe CC suite (InDesign, Photoshop).
  • Also in version 4.0.3: We have extended autoregistration and added wildcard access condition by mail domain; Automatically grant access to a user according to the email entered in the request.

Release of Phraseanet 4.0.3!

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

A new version of Phraseanet is now available for download! Here’s the changelog that you also can find on Github.

Download it Phraseanet 4.0.3 here.

– Enhancement: Prod | For a record, show the current day in the statistics section of the detailed view.
– Enhancement: Prod | Store state (open or closed) of facet answer. eg: Database or collection, store in session.
– Enhancement: Admin | Access to scheduler and task local menu when parameter is set to false in .yml configuration.
– Enhancement: Prod | Database, collection and document type facets are fixed on top
– Enhancement: Prod | Better rendering for values of exposure, shutter speed and flash status in facets. eg for shutter speed: 1/30 instead of 0,0333333.
– Enhancement: Versions 4 are now compliant with the Phraseanet plugins for Adobe CC Suite.
– Enhancement: White list mode: extending autoregistration and adding wildcard access condition by mail domain. Automatically grant access to a user according to the email entered in the request.
– Enhancement: Find your documents from the colors in the facets (AI plugin)
– Enhancement: Generate a PDF from a Word document or a picture, it’s now possible to define a pdf subview type
– Enhancement: Specify a temporary work repository for building video subdefs, to accelerate video generation.

– BugFix: Prod | In Upload, correct status are not loaded
– BugFix: Prod | Arrow keys navigation adds last selected facet as filter
– BugFix: Admin | Subdef presets, sizes and bitrates (bits/s) not OK
– BugFix: Admin | App error on loading in French due to a simple quote
– BugFix: Prod | Deletion message is not fully readable when deleting a story
– BugFix: Fixing highlight with Elasticsearch for full text only, not for the thesaurus
– BugFix: 500 error at the first authentication for a user with the SAML Phraseanet plugin

– Dev | Fix API version returned in answer
– Dev | Fix vagrant provisioning for Windows

Release of Phraseanet 4.0: VM now available!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

This virtual machine contains a Phraseanet server and all its dependencies. It allows you to test Phraseanet quickly and efficiently, as if you were working in a production environment!

Download it now!

Please feel free to send your feedback: tell us what you think about this new version, if you have any suggestions for enhancements!

> To learn more about version 4.0

Phraseanet now features one of the most advanced open source search engines, Elastic.
V4 improves the speed of processing and display research; Faceted navigation; the user is guided in its search; full text, through the thesaurus, combination of criteria and filters,

Release of Phraseanet 3.8.8

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


We are releasing Phraseanet 3.8.8 today!

Lots of enhancements in this version, including adding public, temporary links for the assets (link generation based on JSON Web Token), more API routes, setting up compatibility of Elasticsearch (a pre-installed VM will be available by the end of the year, sources of Phraseanet 4.0 can already be found on our GitHub repository).

Our team also released the WebGalleries Plugin, which allow the users to publish and share their Phraseanet media content. Setup of a webgallery through a permalink or an iframe. Please contact us for more information about this plugin!

Here is the changelog below to find out about the several enhancements and bugfixes of this release:

-NewFeature: Adding public, temporary links for the assets and their subdefinitions (link generation based on JSON Web Token)

The link contains the sender users’ ID, it is then possible to trace what has been shared. It is timestamped and has an expiration date.

It is possible to ask from 1 second to any number, 7200 seconds by default. It is possible to revoke everything that has been shared, generated by a user. The link is unique for the current session.

Use case: I want to provide resources for a limited period of time.

-NewFeature: Adding a rebuild command for the sub definitions with a filter by database, type of document (name of sub defs)

It is now possible as a console on the server, to ask to recreate a specific sub definition (thumbnail, preview…) for a type of record (image, document, video, audio), on a specific database for a range of records.

It is also possible to force the recreation of sub definitions that have been defined manually or uploaded via the API.

Use case: I want to recalculate all my thumbnails because of a size change. I add a new sub definition and I want to compute it for all the records already on this database

-NewFeature: Adding the possibility to upload a document without creating its sub definitions.

-NewFeature: Adding alternative route for the sub definitions via the API

Use case: Coding delegation

Combination of both features allow to add documents to a database, to delegate the coding of the subdefinitions to an external process ( video coding), then to add the sub definitions computed as sub definitions of the record previously created.

-NewFeature: Adding verification of INNODB storage engine when creating a Phraseanet database

-NewFeature: Adding the possibility to upload a document without creating its subdefinitions

-Enhancement: HIM, Prod, Deactivation of a permalink for a subdef: when the link is deactivated, a 404 error is returned.

-NewFeature: Modification of a video snapshot (extract picture from a video)

-NewFeature: Adding a route for an additional document to a story

-Enhancement: HIM, Prod, the sub definitions defined manually are applied to all static subdefinitions of the video.

-Enhancement: Improvement of performance when deleting items in the quarantine

-Enhancement: Change of the basic documentary structures

-Enhancement: Display of the collection in which the media file can be found, in the detailed view

-Enhancement: Deleting the desired type of documents searched (stories mode)

-BugFix: The interface of the suggested values in the Admin does not work

-BugFix: The report tab:activity does not work on Chrome

-BugFix: The time of validity is not displayed for the password renewal email

-BugFix: The focus on the documentary fields labels systematically shows French label

-BugFix: The “delay” parameter to make gifs is not taken into account

-BugFix: When adding a term in the thesaurus, previous value entered appears at the opening of the modal

-BugFix: Error when generating SWF subdefinitions

-BugFix: The “flatten” parameter when generating PDF thumbnails is not taken into account

-Deprecation: Classic application is now obsolete

Phraseanet webinar (in French) on July 21

Monday, July 6th, 2015


A new webinar will take place on July 21 and will be in French.

If you are interested to attend one of our webinars, feel free to contact us here and we will organize a new session in English !

Release of Phraseanet 3.8.6 !

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of our Digital Asset Management software, Phraseanet.

You will find the changelog below.

You can download this release from !

-BugFix: Fixes the stories editing. When opening an editing form, the style applied to the notice doesn’t match its selection
-BugFix: Fixes the sending of a return receipt (attributed in the headers of the email) at the export
-BugFix: Fixes the SMTP field in the Administration panel which is pre filled with a wrong information
-BugFix: Fixes a bad mapping of the registration fields on the homepage and the displayed fields in the registration requests in the Administration
-BugFix: In the detailed view, fixes the list of the stories titles which is truncated.
-BugFix: Fixes Oauth 2.0, the authorization of the client applications is not systematically requested when logging in.
-BugFix: When uploading documents, the first status is not taken into account
-BugFix: Fixes the cache invalidation of the status bits icons when changed in Admin section
-BugFix: Fixes the reordering of the media in a basket
-BugFix: Fixes the control of field “name” when creating a push or a feedback
-BugFix: Fixes Oauth 2.0 message when the connection fails
-BugFix: Fixes the suppression of diffusion lists on IE9
-BugFix: Fixes the anonymous download when a user is logged off
-BugFix: Fixes the setup of the default display mode of the collections (stamp/watermark) on a non authentified mode
-BugFix: Fixes the printing of the thumbnails of documents for the videos or PDFs
-BugFix: Fixes the reordering of the basket when the documents come from n different collections
-BugFix: Fixes the application of the “status bits” when the status bit is defined by the task “RecordMover”
-BugFix: Fixes the detection of duplicates for PDF files
-BugFix: Fixes the rewriting of metadatas of a document, when the name space is empty
-BugFix: Fixes the injection of the rights of a user for a connection via Oauth2
-BugFix: Fixes the invalidation of the cache when diassemblying a databox
-BugFix: Fixes the sorting criteria by date and by field, according to users rights
-BugFix: Fixes the right to download for the guest access
-BugFix: Fixes the report generation for the number of downloads and connections
-BugFix: Fixes the memory use of the task for the the subdefinitions creation
-BugFix: Fixes the generation of subdefinitions when editing the subdefinitions task
-BugFix: Fixes the display of multivalued fields in the editing window
-BugFix: Fixes the adding of a term in the candidates which was is not detected as present in the candidates
-BugFix: Fixes the users’ rights when using the API
-BugFix: When being redirected, fixes the add of parameters after login.
-BugFix: Fixes the thumbnails’ size of EPS files.
-BugFix: The “Delete” action of a task (“Record Mover” type) is now taken into consideration.
-BugFix: The edition dates of a record sent back by the API are now fixed
-BuxFix: Writing of IPTC fields is fixed, when setting up a stamp on a media (image type).
-Enhancement: Possibility to adapt a task “creation of subdefinition”, by database and type of document
-Enhancement: Reporting modifications of Flickr & Dailymotion APIs (Bridge feature).
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to overload the name space reserved for the cache
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to deactivate the use of the TaskManager by instance
-Enhancement: Adding an extended format for the API replies. Get more information about Phraseanet records in one API request.
-Enhancement: Adding a block for the help text of Production when no result is displayed to authorize the modification of this text via a plugin
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to deactivate the notifications to the users for a new publication
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to modify the rotation of pictures representing the videos and PDF files
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to serve the thumbnails of the application in a static way for improved performances
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to deactivate the lazyload for the thumbnails
-Enhancement: The tasks can now reconnect automatically to MySQL
-Enhancement: The sorting on the fields “Number” is now possible
-Enhancement: The subdefinition creation task now displays the remaining number of subdefinitions to create
-Enhancement: Adding the date of edition of the media
-Enhancement: Use of http cache for the display of documents
-Enhancement: Adding the possibility to deactivate the CSRF for the authentication form
-Enhancement: Adding a Vagrant VM (for developers and testers). The setup is quicker: development environments made easy.
-Enhancement: Adding a command for the file generation crossdomain.xml depending on the configuration.

Phraseanet 3.8.5 new release available !

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Hello, Phraseanet 3.8.5 is now available !

Here is the changelog for this minor release :

BugFix : Fix Flickr connexion through Bridge Application
BugFix : Fix broken Report Application
BugFix : Fix “force authentication” option for push validation
BugFix : Fix display of “edit” button for a validation according to user rights
BugFix : Fix highlight of record title in detailed view
BugFix : Fix thumbnail generation for PDF with transparency
BugFix : Fix reorder of stories & basket when record titles are too long
BugFix : Fix display of separators for multivalued fields in caption
Enhancement : Add the possibility to choose a document or a video as a representative image of a story
Enhancement : Titles are truncated but still visible by hovering them

You can download it here.

Phraseanet 3.8.4 is now available !

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


The new release of Phraseanet is available as of today ! Here’s the complete changelog where you can find details about bugfixes and enhancements in this version.

– Fix database mapping in report

– Add option to restrict Push visualization to Phraseanet users only

– Add API webhook

– Add CORS support for API

– Fix homepage feed url

– Fix CSV user import

– Set password fields as password input

– Add extra information in user list popup in Push view

– Fix status icon filename

– Fix highlight in caption display

– Fix bound in caption display

– Fix thumbnail display in feed view

– Fix thesaurus terms order

– Fix metadata filename attibute

– Fix https calls to googlechart API

– Fix API feed pagination

– Drop sphinx search engine highlight support

– Fix thumbnail etags generation

– Force the use of latest IE engine

– Fix therausus search in workzone

– Fix context menu in main bar in account view

– Notify user checkbox is now setted to false when publishing a new publication

– Add feed restriction when requesting aggregated feed in API

– Add feed title property in feed entry JSON schema

– Fix CSV download for filename with accent

– Fix CSV generation from report

– Dashboard report is now lazy loaded

– Fix old password migration

– Fix migration from 3.1 version

– Fix status calculation from XML indexation card for stories

– Fix homepage issue when a feed is deleted

– Add /me route in API

– Add h264 pseudo stream configuration

– Update flowplayer version

– Improve XsendFile command line tools

– Remove disk IO on media_subdef::get_size function

– Fix Phraseanet Bridge connexion to dailymotion

– User city is now setted through geonames server

– Fix unoconv and GPAC detection on debian system

– Fix oauth developer application form submission

– Add session idle & life time in configuration

– Add possibility to search “unknown” type document through API

– Fix anamorphosis problems for some videos

– Enhancement of Oauth2 integration

Don’t forget to visit our Download page !