If you notice a bug, please report it using the public bug tracker here: https://github.com/alchemy-fr/Phraseanet/issues

Please make sure that this bug doesn’t already exist and read the following instructions very carefully:

We will try our best to locate and fix it, but to that end, we will firstly have to reproduce it.

Tell us how to recreate the bug. If it isn’t possible, thank you for reporting as many as detailed information as you can.

In any case, don’t forget to join the following elements to your bug report:

  • Tell us which browser and version you were using when bug appeared
  • Which Phraseanet module: Lightbox? Admin? Thesaurus? Production?
  • Bug type (bad behavior, graphical error,…)
  • If bug happens when adding documents: which Flash version did you use?
  • If bug happens when adding documents using a third party software/application: name of software?