Phraseanet is an Open Source Digital Asset Management solution dedicated to professionals who need a complete system to manage, publish and share their digital media resources (pictures, videos, audio, PDF, Office documents…).

Phraseanet is the answer for media management needs in various contexts, from institutional to event or product communication (interconnection with third-party applications such as ecommerce, PIM, MDM…).

This solution is published by ALCHEMY, a long-standing player in the DAM market.

Established in organizations of all sizes, Phraseanet provides all the necessary tools for capturing, indexing, organization and use of the digital resources.

It also has an API of a PHP SDK development kit, as well as a catalog of plugins.

A reference solution, Phraseanet is currently used by many organizations:

  • City halls : Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Montpellier,…
  • Monoprix, Vinci, TF1, France Télévisions, Canal+,…
  • Education: Ecole Polytechnique, Lille University, Sorbonne University,…

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Phraseanet main features


Transfer documents from a standard web browser : select files, a destination collection, reorder documents, send to server. The quarantine isolates duplicates, new versions of an existing file or non-compliant files (eligibility criteria can be defined). Processes make all the necessary under resolutions, others list and extract metadata (IPTC, XMP, Exif, ID3, MP3, PDF…).


Phraseanet relies on the Elasticsearch engine and provides a link to full text, thesaurus searches, and categorize and filter results with facets. A detailed view in order to see the description, modification history and downloads, popularity, list of baskets and stories where a document belongs. With version 4.1, we’ve added a new search feature: geolocation!


In the Production interface, it is possible to add documents to a basket, make a story or web galleries, batch indexing documents, manage the business fields, create indexing files templates…

Finally, export:  local download in various resolutions available according to the user’s rights, email sending a link to download the document with a validity period, transfer to an FTP server…

It can also be used to request feedback for assets, then viewable in Lightbox: send a link allowing users to validate a selection, annotate, view the choices made by others, be notified by email and receive an internal notification of the feedback.



Phraseanet is also a tool to publish a Parade customer site, set up publishing workflows, send selection of documents to a list of users, send documents to social networks, use the URLs to broadcast content anywhere.


Create databases and collections, define documentary structure and standards, language labels, link the fields to the thesaurus…  You can also setup the under resolutions for the documents, process and workflow tasks.  Manage the users’ rights and subscriptions requests. Access rights are managed by collection and for a better advanced rights management, the Phraseanet status enable to apply access rights to the lowest level: the document.



Add new terms, synonyms and translations. List new candidate terms sorted by fields and add, delete or substitute candidate terms.


To monitor any activity on Phraseanet, to know which documents have been downloaded, the most active users,…

Find more information in the Phraseanet brochure.

Phraseanet 4.1

A new major release and a first with Docker!

Phraseanet 4.1 is the latest major relase of the Open Source Digital Asset Management solution Phraseanet.

It’s also the first version to be deployed on Docker.

This release includes many brand new features, such as geolocation and video chaptering.

  • Geolocation : Search for assets by selecting places on a map. The detailed view displays the exact location of a media. The viewing mode of the map is customized. Add a location to a media.


  • Video chaptering : Add titles, illustrate each video with a thumbnail. You can browse now quickly inside your video without having to view it completely.


  • Subtitles : Inject subtitles to your videos in your language
  • Graphic enhancements for Lightbox on mobile, Push, Feedback, but also in Production
  • Worker : It has been implemented to enhance the current task manager. It allows you to create subdefinitions faster, but also for metadata writing and export.
  • A new tool* is available, PhotoEditor. It includes all standard features of a photo retouching tool: Crop (customized formats), filters, colorimetry, annotation… (*paid plugin).

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Parade is the technological base that enables the development of front end applications which are fully customizable to get closer to the end users’ needs in terms of graphic interface and navigation.


Fully customizable, the platform adapts to your needs and graphic identity. Use the facets to browse and search easily. Dynamic homepage, media search, thematic galleries … everything to showcase your content!

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You may visit our Phraseanet store to learn more, download for free or contact us to get our plugins !

API and libraries

Phraseanet is built on Open Source projects and uses Symfony, Twig, Sphinx Search, components, among others.

You will find here all projects developed for Phraseanet. All these components are open source, so you can use them for free and fork them. Check out this website :

Phraseanet Fast Facts

  • Open Source, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license
  • Manages all standard formats of documents : pictures, videos, audio, PDF, Office documents
  • Multiplatform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Multilingual : French, English, German,…
  • Unlimited number of users and collections
  • Modules according to the needs and rights of users (administration and setup, upload, content management, thesaurus management, reporting…)
  • Management of user rights
  • Share to external applications and social networks
  • API and PHP development kit
  • Internal plugins
  • External plugins (WordPress, Drupal, Adobe…)