Maintenance contracts

    Alchemy offers annual support contracts for Phraseanet, as well as service packs: pre-paid hours to use according to your needs, whenever you need it.

    The support contracts allow you to warn our support services about an anomaly. They guarantee the consideration of your request, its study and a period of availability of a patch depending on the criticality of the anomaly and the type of contract.

    The hours of technical services (service packs) can be used for updates (upgrades), any technical intervention and user assistance by phone (available: 10 hours or 20 hours packs).

    SAAS offers by Alchemy or its partners natively include the applicative support.

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    If you do not find any answer and have already subscribed, ask us your questions at one of the following groups :

    Before asking any question, please check that nobody has already asked the same. We also recommend the use of new generation browsers to use Phraseanet. You can download one of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera

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    You can contribute to the Phraseanet project: donations, developments, translations, ideas… feel free to contact us!

    For contact and feedback: We would appreciate to read the feedback from our Phraseanet users worldwide. Let us know what you think !
    We thank you so much for your time. You can also visit Capterra’s website and write a review right here.

    To contact us, please leave a message via our contact form or contact us on the social networks. If you like Phraseanet, feel free to tell us on Facebook of Twitter !