Alchemy is an historical actor of the Digital Asset Management market.

    The company was created in 1996 and started as a French distributor of Phrasea Products, the world first solution able to manage and publish digital photos.

    In year 2000, Alchemy bought Phrasea’s Company.

    Five years laters, in 2005, Alchemy launched Phraseanet IV, the first full web solution and in 2010, Alchemy decided to mutate its economic model, by going Open Source with Phraseanet, making the solution become one of the most advanced open source solutions to manage Digital Assets on the market.

    Alchemy offers to its customers structured working processes proposed by experimented teams who bring all their knowledge and expertise to analyze needs for solution set up and successful integration and follow up.

    Whatever could your needs be, on various aspects such as study, workflow, indexation and training, our teams of project chiefs, documentalists, trainers, technicians for installation support and maintenance are definitely available to help you out.

    Year 2010 is also the beginning of development of our fifth generation of products…



    30 Place Saint-Georges

    75009 Paris


    Tel : +33 1 53 20 43 80

    E-mail: info@alchemy.fr

    Website: www.alchemy.fr