30 Years Ago, the World Changed Forever Wednesday 13 March 2019

30 Years Ago, the World Changed Forever, by Coralie Mercier  – March 12, 2019 (in English)

Here’s an extract:

“In March 1989, while at CERN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote “Information Management: A Proposal” outlining the World Wide Web. 30 years ago today, Tim’s memo was about to revolutionize communication around the globe.

Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Web and in a few months, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the W3C developing open standards and guidelines that foster innovative applications, profitable commerce, and the free flow of information and ideas.”…

>Read the full article here on the W3C blog

#Web30 #ForTheWeb

Release of version 4.0.7 Monday 11 March 2019

A new version of Phraseanet has been released !

Download it here on our official website.

We remind you that the previous releases are still available and can be downloaded for free from this page.

Here’s the changelog for this 4.0.7 version:

-Advanced search refacto
-Thesaurus search is now in strict mode
-Refactoring of report module
-Refactoring query storage and changing strategy for field search restriction
-It is now possible to search for terms in thesaurus and candidates in all languages, not only on the login language
-Enhancements on archive task
-Graphic enhancements for menu and icons
-Video file enhancement, support of MXF container
-Extraction of a video soundtrack (MP3, MP4, WAVE, etc.)
-For Office Documents, all generated subviews will be PDF assets by default. The flexpaper preview still exists but will be optional.
-In Prod Gui, there will be 5 facets but the possibility to view more.
-Quarantine: Fix for the “Substitute” action: alert when selection is empty
-Quarantine: File name with a special character can’t be added
-Fix for the Adobe CC default token
-XSS vulnerabilities in Prod, Admin & Lightbox. Many thanks to Kris (@HV_hat_)
-PDF containing (XMP-xmp:PageImage) fails generating subview
-MIME types are trucated
-Vagrant dev environment fix
-Feedback: Sort assets “Order by best choice” has no effect

(Français) AGENDA: Webinar de Mars! Friday 22 February 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

All for Content in February! Friday 8 February 2019

The “All For Content” exhibition will take place in Paris at the New Cap Event Center, on February 12 & 13.

To learn more, read this article on  Frenchweb (in French).

Phraseanet webinar in February Wednesday 23 January 2019

The next webinar in French will take place on February 19.

Survey about the DAM in France Tuesday 22 January 2019

Please visit the French blog to view this article!

Red Hat, GitHub… 2018, année record de deals open source Wednesday 2 January 2019

To read this article, please visit the French blog. >> Read more

Happy New Year 2019 ! Wednesday 2 January 2019

Happy New Year from our team @ Alchemy !

Voeux US

AGENDA: Phraseanet webinar in January Tuesday 18 December 2018

The first webinar (in French) of the year 2019 will take place on January 22. Please take a look at the French blog to register online!

Brand new features of the upcoming 4.1 release… Monday 10 December 2018

Geolocation, video chaptering, graphic redesign… Find out about the new features included in the upcoming 4.1 major version!

Video chaptering


Spare time when viewing a video: this new feature allows you to create chapters, add titles, illustrate each chapter with a screenshot!



A complete tool to index metatada, add metadata with a simple click on a map, select one or several zones to display the pictures, customize your map.

Graphic redesign


The Push/Feedback windows, and the list manager, are very useful in Phraseanet.

These windows are actually being redesigned and will be soon available!

But also…


  • Graphic redesign of the advanced search
  • Lightbox, better when using the cell phone! The feedback on mobile is much simplier now. We’ve added arrows, so you can switch more quickly between pictures.
  • What’s new in the baskets?…A better visibility of the actions in the baskets!
  • It is now possible to hide the facets
  • It is now possible to add your own logo from the Administration interface.