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    Version 4.1.7 (May 11, 2023)

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    Version 4.1.6 (December 13, 2022)

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    Version 4.1.6 rc2 (April 7, 2022)

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    Version 4.1.6 rc1 (February 26, 2022)

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    Version 4.1.5 (December 31, 2021)

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    Version 4.1.3 (January 18, 2021)

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    Version 4.1.2 (August 7, 2020)

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    Release 4.1 (June 10, 2020)

    (Release 4.1.1)

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    Release 4.0.12 (April 2020)

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    Release 4.0.11 (Feb 2020)

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    Release 4.1 (Pre release) (November 8, 2019)

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    Release 4.0.9 (June 17, 2019)

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    Release 4.0.8 (March 26, 2019)

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    Release 4.0.7 (February 28, 2019)

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    Release 4.0.3 (September 9, 2018)

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    Release 4.0.2 (November 17, 2017)

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    Version 4.0.1 (October 25, 2017)

    Release 4.0 (2017)

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    Release 3.8.8 (December 3, 2015)

    Lots of enhancements in this version, including adding public, temporary links for the assets (link generation based on JSON Web Token), more API routes, setting up compatibility of Elasticsearch (a pre-installed VM will be available by the end of the year, sources of Phraseanet 4.0 can already be found on our GitHub repository).

    Our team also released the WebGalleries Plugin, which allow the users to publish and share their Phraseanet media content. Setup of a webgallery through a permalink or an iframe. Please contact us for more information about this plugin!

    Here is the changelog below to find out about the several enhancements and bugfixes of this release:

    -NewFeature: Adding public, temporary links for the assets and their subdefinitions (link generation based on JSON Web Token)

    The link contains the sender users’ ID, it is then possible to trace what has been shared. It is timestamped and has an expiration date.

    It is possible to ask from 1 second to any number, 7200 seconds by default. It is possible to revoke everything that has been shared, generated by a user. The link is unique for the current session.

    Use case: I want to provide resources for a limited period of time.

    -NewFeature: Adding a rebuild command for the sub definitions with a filter by database, type of document (name of sub defs)

    It is now possible as a console on the server, to ask to recreate a specific sub definition (thumbnail, preview…) for a type of record (image, document, video, audio), on a specific database for a range of records.

    It is also possible to force the recreation of sub definitions that have been defined manually or uploaded via the API.

    Use case: I want to recalculate all my thumbnails because of a size change. I add a new sub definition and I want to compute it for all the records already on this database

    -NewFeature: Adding the possibility to upload a document without creating its sub definitions.

    -NewFeature: Adding alternative route for the sub definitions via the API

    Use case: Coding delegation

    Combination of both features allow to add documents to a database, to delegate the coding of the subdefinitions to an external process ( video coding), then to add the sub definitions computed as sub definitions of the record previously created.

    -NewFeature: Adding verification of INNODB storage engine when creating a Phraseanet database

    -NewFeature: Adding the possibility to upload a document without creating its subdefinitions

    -Enhancement: HIM, Prod, Deactivation of a permalink for a subdef: when the link is deactivated, a 404 error is returned.

    -NewFeature: Modification of a video snapshot (extract picture from a video)

    -NewFeature: Adding a route for an additional document to a story

    -Enhancement: HIM, Prod, the sub definitions defined manually are applied to all static subdefinitions of the video.

    -Enhancement: Improvement of performance when deleting items in the quarantine

    -Enhancement: Change of the basic documentary structures

    -Enhancement: Display of the collection in which the media file can be found, in the detailed view

    -Enhancement: Deleting the desired type of documents searched (stories mode)

    -BugFix: The interface of the suggested values in the Admin does not work

    -BugFix: The report tab:activity does not work on Chrome

    -BugFix: The time of validity is not displayed for the password renewal email

    -BugFix: The focus on the documentary fields labels systematically shows French label

    -BugFix: The “delay” parameter to make gifs is not taken into account

    -BugFix: When adding a term in the thesaurus, previous value entered appears at the opening of the modal

    -BugFix: Error when generating SWF subdefinitions

    -BugFix: The “flatten” parameter when generating PDF thumbnails is not taken into account

    -Deprecation: Classic application is now obsolete

    Release 3.8 (September 19, 2013)

    We’ve added support for plugins

    -Login and Sign Up: Use your Google+, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or GitHub account to sign up.

    – Search engines: -This version adds support for stemming in the Phrasea Search Engine. So when you enter the term “poppy”, documents indexed in the database with the term “poppies” will also be displayed in the results.-Integration of the Sphinx Search Engine is now stable

    – Email notifications: -They are now being sent in HTML Customize templates and prefixes for the emails’ subjects. -TLS authentication support has been added when connecting to a mail server

    – Baskets in Phraseanet Production: Delete a basket directly from the WorkZone

    – Administration: -The interface has been redesigned -The settings interface for the documentary fields has been rewritten. You can reorder the fields and translate the names of the documentary fields. It is also possible to translate the names of the collections, the databases and the status bits.

    – Report: A new template of report on the documents sent by email has been added

    – Possibility to script the Phraseanet setup

    Release 3.7 (July 24, 2012)

    – Windows Server 2008 support
    – Add business fields support
    – Add new video formats (HTML5 compatibility)
    – Add target devices for subviews
    – You can now choose the video thumbnail yourself
    – Upgrade of the Phraseanet API to version 1.2 (see

    Along with version 3.7, we release Phraseanet PHP SDK. This PHP tool box will help you build your custom applications with Phraseanet resources.

    Release 3.6 (March 20, 2012)

    Release 3.6 provides with many new innovating features including the redesign of the “Push” and “Feedback” windows, a new Workzone in Phraseanet Production but also the possibility to archive the Baskets…

    Here is the changelog for this release :

    • Add a vocabulary link between users and multivalued fields to store resources.
    • Push and Feedback redesign
    • Add shareable users list for use with Push and Feedback
    • WorkZone sidebar redesign
    • Add an “archive” flag to baskets
    • Add a basket browser to browse archived baskets and bring them back to Production
    • New API 1.1, not compliant with 1.0, see release note v3.6

    Release 3.5 (December 12, 2011)

      Official release of Phraseanet 3.5. Among the new features: “Bridge” to publish documents to Youtube, Dailymotion and Flickr, and the first version of Phraseanet API.

    Phraseanet 3.1.4 Release (February 24, 2011)

      Bug fixing release. Here are the detailed bugs that users may have witnessed. All have been now fixed:

    • Bad display of the list of collections in the search zone
    • Random display of the videos with Internet Explorer
    • Unability to create a database from a distant server
    • Add of the end of validity date of a download link within the mail
    • Bad display when selecting collections in the Report module
    • When using the Thesaurus, some may have receveid “server error” windows
    • Quarantine : unability to read descriptions and previews
    • Failure for the generation of subviews of .tiff files containing several images
    • Adding html when editing the description of a “Story”
    • Rollover of the baskets icons didn’t display their descriptions
    • Enhancement when loading results when a thesaurus is connected to a multivalued field

    Phraseanet 3.1.3 Release (February, 14 2011)

    • Bug fixing release

    Phraseanet 3.1.2 release (January 2011)

    • Lightbox module enhancements: a more flexible interface, adding a feature for the commentaries: they are now displayed in real time in the Phraseanet|Production module
    • Introducing a new order manager
    • Support of several subviews formats
    • Enhancement for the encoding of videos (speed and quality)
    • Batch substitution function for touched up documents and creation of a waiting space for the validation of updated files
    • Adding new statistics in Phraseanet|Report (number of added documents, number of edited documents,…)
    • Non compliant files are now pending (determining compliancy for your files can be set up)
    • Possibility to make fields mandatory
    • Enhancement of the graphic interface for Internet Explorer 7
    • Enhancement of the detailed view
    • Tasks: new FTP archiving functions

    Phraseanet 3.0.3 Release (July, 2010)

    • Bug fixing (200+)
    • Complete support of WAMP platforms
    • Support of memcached servers
    • Redesign of the “Report” application
    • Support of SWF files
    • Support of Office and OpenDocument files through Unoconv
    • Event manager (core) and integration of notifications
    • Introducing the search for duplicated files

    Phraseanet 3.0.1 Release (March 2010)

    • Default storage engine is set to innoDB
    • Query cache writing made by system
    • Download manager relies onb Apache mod_xsndfile
    • Adding of dashboard in Admin module

    Release 3.0 (February 2010)

    • Code goes Opensource
    • Full UTF-8 support
    • Internationalization Phraseanet. Locales supported are : French, English, German, Arab(uncomplete)
    • Suppression of the Prod vs. Client: The Client module is still in use, though, for the persons using old web browsers versions
    • Prod modul receive a brand new interface with high intuitivity improvement
    • Many new file formats supported among which PSD / AI / Raw Images / DNG / Flash swf
    • New task engine
    • Metaweblog AP Implementation for publications
    • ExifTool engine support for metadatas
    • Topics fonction implementation in Prod module
    • Improvement of the Edit window, better theasurus integration and use, multiple value fields management, search and replace fonction added, template caption fonction added
    • Document Stamp fonction added
    • External site publication fonction added with view statistics
    • Social network share fonction
    • SSL authentification on SMTP server Support
    • Document tracking
    • New C indexer engine
    • Publication of user list in Push windows
    • New Upload module