Phraseanet is an Open Source Digital Asset Management software distributed under GNU GPLV3 license. You may download it and use it for free. Please read first the terms and conditions here.

    Information about the setup and use of Phraseanet can be found online: View the the official online documentation and get answers on the forums.

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    Phraseanet 4.1.2


    •  Adding Subtitling editing interface
    •  Integration of subtitling service and automatic translation by Gingalab
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    Phraseanet 4.1 (4.1.1)


    •  Geolocation
    •  Video chaptering
    •  Graphic redesign
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    Phraseanet 4.0.12

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    VM Read me

    •  Docker compose optimization
    •  Bugfix in Stories and translation improvements
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    SHA256 (VM): 7b0d752a934d2650e0b6f2dffb07d221f64929d7e6d545e1bfef9792712b0d45


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