How to get a free trial

    Do you want to test Phraseanet? Our professional, Open Source Digital Asset Management software is available in English, German, French. All you need to access the online demo is a standard web browser. Then, log in from anywhere and whenever you want.

    Please send us an email here or request your demo through the contact form. Thank you !


    What does really Phraseanet look like? Watch it right here with a few screenshots!

    Who’s using Phraseanet?

    Here is a list of some of our customers.

    You also view use cases in English here.

    Useful links

    After the demo

    Did you enjoy the online demo and wish to use Phraseanet daily?

    Well … we have good news! Because:

    Phraseanet is Open Source, so you can download, install AND use it for free . There are no restrictions on the number of users, collections, pictures and other digital files, or even on features. Everything is here and on Github and available to all. So …

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