Technical capabilities are given as examples and can slightly change regarding hosting server performances


Up to 200 000 documents / hour. Complete lisrt of avalaible meta datas for indexation can be found from exiftool list

File processing

Phraseanet can archive any type of files,Subview creation is processed by a third party component, list of file type recognized for subviews creation is as follow

  • Fichiers RAW (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Panasonic…)
  • Images Bitmap Jpeg, Tiff, Gif, Psd
  • Images Vectorial SVG / Ai
  • Adobe Flash
  • Vidéos Windows, Quicktime, H264
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • Open Office Documents
  • Import

    • Hot folder scan
    • Upload HTTP


    • email delivery by link
    • Download by download manager
    • Ftp delivery


    • LDAP Connector
    • Oauth2 authentication
    • SAML