Do you feel like helping us ? This page is for all volunteers who want to help us in Phraseanet improvement. You will find below a lot of ways to help !


    If you want to take part in our project, you can make a donation for example by Paypal. We would be much grateful for any contribution!


    Phraseanet is a multilingual solution: The software is already available in French, English, German. Our goal is to make Phraseanet available in as many languages as possible, so that everyone could use it in with his born language. If you know a language, please send us an email to:

    Helping other Phraseanet users

    You know how to use Phraseanet and you want to share your knowledge with others? You want to share your opinion about the software?

    Lots of tools are available for this matter: visit the mailing lists, view the Phraseanet project on Github or follow us on the social networks !