Phraseanet 3.8.4 is now available !


The new release of Phraseanet is available as of today ! Here’s the complete changelog where you can find details about bugfixes and enhancements in this version.

– Fix database mapping in report

– Add option to restrict Push visualization to Phraseanet users only

– Add API webhook

– Add CORS support for API

– Fix homepage feed url

– Fix CSV user import

– Set password fields as password input

– Add extra information in user list popup in Push view

– Fix status icon filename

– Fix highlight in caption display

– Fix bound in caption display

– Fix thumbnail display in feed view

– Fix thesaurus terms order

– Fix metadata filename attibute

– Fix https calls to googlechart API

– Fix API feed pagination

– Drop sphinx search engine highlight support

– Fix thumbnail etags generation

– Force the use of latest IE engine

– Fix therausus search in workzone

– Fix context menu in main bar in account view

– Notify user checkbox is now setted to false when publishing a new publication

– Add feed restriction when requesting aggregated feed in API

– Add feed title property in feed entry JSON schema

– Fix CSV download for filename with accent

– Fix CSV generation from report

– Dashboard report is now lazy loaded

– Fix old password migration

– Fix migration from 3.1 version

– Fix status calculation from XML indexation card for stories

– Fix homepage issue when a feed is deleted

– Add /me route in API

– Add h264 pseudo stream configuration

– Update flowplayer version

– Improve XsendFile command line tools

– Remove disk IO on media_subdef::get_size function

– Fix Phraseanet Bridge connexion to dailymotion

– User city is now setted through geonames server

– Fix unoconv and GPAC detection on debian system

– Fix oauth developer application form submission

– Add session idle & life time in configuration

– Add possibility to search “unknown” type document through API

– Fix anamorphosis problems for some videos

– Enhancement of Oauth2 integration

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