New Phraseanet webinar in June Wednesday 20 May 2020

The next Phraseanet webinar (in French) will take place on June 16, 2020.

Please view the French page of the blog to register!

(Français) AGENDA: Prochain webinar Phraseanet en Mai! Monday 4 May 2020

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Release of Phraseanet 4.0.12 Tuesday 28 April 2020

A minor version is available today, you can:

Release notes – Phraseanet – Version 4.0.12

* Backport to 4.0 – Cache doctrine entity metadata for performance
* Application-box – set some columns of table set to char 256
* Docker compose optimization, refacto volumes, build image optimization, add Phraseanet plugin in build image, bump ffmpeg version in worker, fix error in redis configuration, Add more options for define volumes during installation process.
* Backport To 4.0 – Populate – Slow query – due to LIMIT in sql query.

* The content of a story is not displayed even for users with appropriate on the collection
* Translation improvements in English and German

(Français) Phraseanet sur Docker! Wednesday 8 April 2020

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(Français) AGENDA: Webinar Phraseanet du mois d’Avril Monday 6 April 2020

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Important notice about the service continuity during the Covid-19 outbreak Monday 16 March 2020

Because each and everyone of us must contribute to contain this phenomenon and in accordance with the announcements of the Government, we inform you that, as of today, March 16, 2020, we have placed all our teams in remote working and this, until new instructions are given.

These actions protect both our team members and their families but also everyone, by contributing individually and collectively, to stem the spread of Covid-19.

All your regular contacts remain available to ensure the service continuity and its quality, which will be unchanged. Remote working has been a common practice at Alchemy for many years and we possess all the tools necessary to maintain the activity and the operational monitoring of our platforms.

How you can reach us:

To get technical support (one problem = 1 email, which automatically triggers the opening of a support ticket): support

For any other request or information: info

And your contacts can be reached on their email addresses.

We thank you for your trust and we hope that these measures and our social responsibility will quickly reverse the growth curve of the outbreak, for a return to normal activity as quickly as possible.

(Français) AGENDA: Webinar de Mars Tuesday 10 March 2020

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Changelog of Phraseanet 4.0.11 Thursday 20 February 2020

Here’s the complete changelog for the new Phraseanet release, v4.0.11:

New Features and enhancement

  • Print feedback report in PDF
  • Exclude some collections from quarantine checkers sha256, UUID, filename (AKA exclude Trash from quarantine)Add status change capabilities to quarantine lazaret in substitute and add action
  • Prod grey skin improvement
  • Prod – plugin – Publish item in diapo local menu – plugin skeleton improvement
  • Search Engine improvement for word with dot and hyphen characters
  • Pre-build vagrant image for Phraseanet and implement it in Phraseanet vagrant file
  • Subdef Task init : select all databases when property is not set
  • Fix notifications slow sql and basket select
  • Bump videojs version to 7.5
  • Prod – delete from trash, send deletion by bulk of 3 records
  • Prod – number of results – Formating the results number
  • Enhance plugin-skeleton in 4.0
  • PHPExiftool to handle DJI XMP Tags, Bump exiftool version and switch to original exiftool/exiftool repo
  • ES – date format timestamp unix, store and search datetime
  • Embed-bundle – Videojs player serve poster-image property with subdef permalink
  • Databases Models – now default audio encodeur is mp3lame
  • Quarantine: allow to substitute without selecting target record, (when match only one record).
  • Translation in Plugin menu locale is now available
  • Landing page take browser language into account
  • Collection sort Sorter is now presented by column
  • Deploy and Dev with Docker is OK


  • Dates didn’t seem to be extracted from IPTC
  • Phraseanet Binaries in configuration not used in some alchemy-fr libraries (AKA text extraction of pdf is NOK)
  • Registration Form – Terms of use link was broken
  • Searching for stories after applying a document filtering choice gave no results
  • Fields “Phraseanet::no-source” were pushed to exiftool
  • Prod – facets display was NOK when switch from basket or thesaurus Tabs.
  • Prod – Grey and White Skins – Browse Baskets: Unable to read the titles
  • Lightbox – scroller thumbnail NOK
  • Adding record from the API left a copy of the file into the system temporary directory
  • Embed bundle, border issue on Firefox.
  • Records SetStatus HTTP API malfunction
  • No information (name, last name etc…) was kept from the Push or a FeedBack user creation form
  • Some characters into cterms (candidates) led to 500 error
  • Permalink was not (re) activated when record was moved from _TRASH_ collection
  • Generated Subdefs for video Portrait were not correctly oriented
  • User manipulator didn’t allow to set a null email
  • When updating a user information, the wrong field were populated (job and activity inverted)
  • Cleaning of bad chars in candidates terms

AGENDA: New Phraseanet webinar in February Monday 10 February 2020

The next Phraseanet webinar (in French) will take place on Feb 25, 2020. Please check the French page of the blog to register!


Happy Holidays! Monday 23 December 2019

From the Alchemy team, happy holidays!

Of course, we’ll be available during this time of the year, too: you can reach us by phone or by email. Feel free to contact us!

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