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Phraseanet Opens

Welcome to our Phraseanet Blog !

Phraseanet is an Open Source Digital Asset Management solution. Millions of documents are used today by our customers in the world, mainly by companies, city halls or photographers.

Late March, Alchemy decided to make Phraseanet an Open Source software under GNU GPL v3 license. The new release of Phraseanet 3.0 is now available to anyone who needs a professional media management software: you can access the source code and download Phraseanet for free on this website.

If you need assistance, we offer a wide range of services to help you starting your project: analysis, setup, training, hosting, support…

For more information, please visit our corporate website : www.alchemy.fr

When going Open Source, we also decided to open a new website dedicated to Phraseanet, www.phraseanet.com and this blog where you will find all informations and news, events, to keep in touch with us. Also, please feel free to send your feedback about this website and Phraseanet, we’d like to hear from you !

Finally, follow and join us on the Facebook Group !

Our websites:

www.phraseanet.com to find out about the solution, free download, access to all resources…

www.alchemy.fr to know more about our company, our customers and our services…

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