Phraseanet selected as one of the winners of the Pm’Up program

We are pleased to announce that Alchemy was selected as one of the prize winners of the 2012 Pm’Up edition. The Pm’Up contest is organized by the Ile de France Region and aims to support the development of SME (Small and Medium Entreprises). The awarded companies are those showing the greatest potential for growth in terms of job creation, innovation, international development, while integrating the principles of sustainable development.

“We are very proud” says Guillaume Maubert, Alchemy manager. “Pm’Up empowers us to accelerate our development and growth. City halls, government agencies and our customers will be the first ones to benefit those new resources.”

Indeed, Alchemy will be supported by the Region for the next three years: Financial resources will help the company in terms of international development, investment, recruitement and of course Research & Development for its flagship product Phraseanet.

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