Phraseanet 3.7.4 now available


Alchemy is glad to announce the release of Phraseanet 3.7.4.

You can download it here :

Please find the complete changelog below :

Bug : Upgrade from 3.5 may lose metadatas
Bug : Selection of a metadata source do not behave correctly
Bug : Remember collections selection on production reload
Bug : Manually renew a developer token fails
Bug : TOU template displays HTML entitites
Enhancement : Replace javascript alert by Phraseanet dialog box in export dialog box
Enhancement : Video subdef GOP option has now 300 as max value with steps of 10
Bug : Some subdef options are not saved correctly (audio samplerate, GOP)
Enhancement : Support for multi-layered tiff
Bug : Long collection names are not displayed correctly
Bug : Document permalinks were not correctly supported
Bug : Export name containing non ASCII are now escaped
Enhancement : Default structure now have a the thumbtitle attribute correctly set up
Enhancement : Chrome mobile User Agent is now supported
Bug : Remove minilogos do not work
Bug : Send orders do not triggers notifications
Bug : Story thumbnails are not displayed correctly
Bug : Add dutch (nl_NL) support

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