Release of Phraseanet 3.7.5


We’re happy to announce the release of Phraseanet 3.7.5 today. It can be downloaded on the sourceforge website:

Please find the complete changelog below :

Enhancement : Support of Dailymotion latest API
Bug : Bridge application creation is not possible after having upload a file
Enhancement : Upload speed is now in octet (previously in bytes)
Enhancement : Upload is de-activated when no data box is mounted
Bug : Lightbox display is broken on IE 7/8
Bug : Collection setup via console throws an exception
Bug : Metadata extraction via Dublin Core mapping returns broken data
Bug : Minilogos with a size less than 24px are resized
Bug : Watermark custom files are not handled correctly
Bug : XML import to metadata fields that do not have proper source do not work correctly
Bug : Databox unmount can provide 500’s to users that have attached stories to their work zone

Have a nice day,

The Phraseanet team

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