Microlearning: How to import a Thesaurus in Phraseanet

Today, we are introducing you to a new tutorial : Import a Thesaurus in Phraseanet.

To import a Thesaurus, you will first need to :

– Activate the Phraseanet Thesaurus in the Administration module (see the paragraph about the additionnal modules in the Setup page of Phraseanet Administration).
-Setup a documentary structure
-You will also need a Thesaurus as a tabulated text type file supporting UTF8.

Then, use the following steps:
– In the Phraseanet menu bar, click on the Thesaurus section. Phraseanet Thesaurus opens in a new page / tab.
-Select an interface / editing language then click on ok.
-Right click on the term Thesaurus in the right part of your screen.
-Click on Import. A pop up window appears.
-Select the Thesaurus file on your computer then click on ok.

Depending on the size of your file and on your internet connection, times may vary.

Once the file is loaded:

– The head branches of the Thesaurus (which are the terms on the left in the text file of the Thesaurus) appear on the screen. No spaces or special characters for these terms. They may correspond to field titles of your documentary structure.
– On each of these first level terms, right click and choose the “Link to field” section. A popup window opens.
– Tick the box corresponding to the documentary field that you wish to link to the thesaurus branch. Then validate the form.

The system will ask if you wish to reindex the database. You may first decline and choose to redindex the database later.

That’s it for now ! We hope this tutorial will be useful.

-> You haven’t downloaded Phraseanet yet? We remind you that our Open Source DAM software is available on the sourceforge website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phraseanet

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