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New webinar in February

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

A new webinar in French will take place on Feb 21. Please visit the French version of this page to register!

New Microlearning : Watermarking your pictures!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


Today, a new microlearning dedicated to watermarks: how to apply a watermark on my pictures with Phraseanet?
Why? The watermark allows you to protect your pictures
How? From a single click in the Phraseanet|Administration module

-Login to your Phraseanet system (use login, password).
-In the Administration module, you have a database and one or several collections. The watermark may be applied by user and then by collection.

-> Choose the user first (double click on the user), then choose the collection on which he has access and apply then the watermark: to that end, tick the “watermark” box as the screenshot suggests:

Back in the Phraseanet|Production module, the user you have chosen will see a watermark on the pictures such as this one: (click on the screenshot to get a larger picture).

Reminder: without watermark, this user would see this:

By default, the watermark uses the name of the collection. But if you wish to personnalize and use your own watermark, Phraseanet allows you to do it:
Go to the Administration module, click on the collection on which you wish to apply the watermark, then in the “Watermark” field, please browse and download your own file. That’s it !